Spitz GL-X3000 problem

Got the unit in this morning and upgraded the firmware and installed it in my service van and had to power cycle to get the internet back to working after it stopped working several times. I though it maybe having a problem reconnecting to a signal once it dropped but when I got home where I can check the signal it has done it once tonight with good signal and rebooting it was the only way to get it back up. Any help would be appreciated.

Which carrier are you using?

Can you get the log before reboot?

Someone in Facebook groups suggested to do a rest and reconfigure it after I flashed it and after doing the reset and reconfiguring it I have not had any issues. I put it in my service van this morning and went on service calls with 120 mile round trip and had zero issues. The reset seems to have fixed all the issues.

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Thanks for updating. Pls let us know if you have further issues.

Hi Putznutz:

I checked these logs, but I didn’t see anything unusual.

  • Can you describe the issue in detail?