I have this model and a Sim active on Verizon network, I was connected to the internet but I had to do a rest because is password, how do I configure this router to connect to Verizon? It shows Verizon as the network but says SIM NOT REGISTERED

Did you buy from 3rd vendor who has a pre-setting for you?

Or you set up your Verizon sim card successfully before? Can you use the same setting and try to connect?

I purchased from a third party and it’s supposed to be unlimited internet for a year, starting getting intermittent connection and reset the router (it had a password set by isp) have not been able to get in touch with isp at all since reset device, was hoping I missed a setting with something. Thanks for the response!

Pls talk to the vendor. I think they have some pre-setting for you. You must be able to find them from the sales channel.