Spitz GL-X750 Version 2 with slow speed

Hi there.

I recently bought the Spitz GL-X750 Version 2, Firmware 3.217, 2023-05-08.

I put in my SIM Card (o2 germany 5G Card - speed is up to 300MB download) and start the router.
It connected out of the box to the internet but the speed is pretty poor. I only get round about 16Mbps download and 7Mbps upload.

If I use the same card in my iPhone (reduce the connection in the settings to LTE only) at the same location I get much more speed - up to 50Mbps and much more.

Is the router limited in any way? How can I speed up the connection at least to 30Mbps?

Any ideas or is this not possible and I have to buy another router?

Thanks in advance for your help

Can you upgrade to firmware 4.x?

Can you give some screenshot to show the signal levels on the router etc?

Thank you for your answer.

The web admin panel did not offer me a newer firmware than the one I have.

But I found here a 4.x firmware - GL.iNet download center

=> 4.3.11 from 2024-03-20

Is this the one you want me to flash?

Can I flash it via my tablet using the admin panel?

Ok, I flashed the actual firmware mentioned above.

Enlosed I add 4 screenshots. Do you need more?

If yes, which one you want?

Thank you for your help