Spitz (GL-X750V2) Smart WiFi

I have recently purchased a Spitz (GL-X750V2) Smart WiFi with a 4G EC25AU modem as I live in Australia. I am having troubles with it dropping to 3g connection. I have a iphone 12 that I can get about 290Mb/s download on my local tower, as shown by speedtest.net. If I connect the iphone 12 to the Spitz (GL-X750V2) via “tether” function the download speed drops to 20Mb/s and the connection drops from 4g to 3g. If I take the SIM out of the iphone, and put it directly in the Spitz (GL-X750V2) it is still on 3g and the download speed increases slightly to 25Mb/s. Can anybody give me any ideas how to fix this.

Does the UI say “3G”? 25Mbps is definately 4G.

In the UI, there is a link “Cells info”, can you get those info and post here?

Another way is try to find the band your ISP is using and use AT command to lock band.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I put the SIM in the spitz again and it alternates between 3G & 4G with each boot up. I tried “tethering” the spitz, to the iphone 12 and the spitz wifi is still getting 25Mb/s download. With the iphone cable still connected to the spitz, the iphone gets over 300Mb/s from the tower, on speedtest, but if I connect to the spitz wifi with another phone (Samsung Note 9) its still 25Mb/s. It seems I cant get anything above that. So disappointed. This is to be used in a travelling situation, so no point locking to a band as it could pass ten towers a day.

Received your email and will reply there.

I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply.

I have contacted customer support and was informed the modem in this is only capable of 20mb/s to 80Mb/s. I live directly under a tower so I would be happy with 80Mb/s. I am contemplating smashing this with a hammer and posting on youtube. Its a huge disappointment when you purchase a product in my case cost $230 australian dollars and its just a piece of …

I replied your email but I didn’t get your reply. I am not sure who replied you with the info.

Pls reply my email and we can check the config etc.

Ok I have tried again with profile suggested by you
device: cdc-wdm0
protocol: qcm
ttl: 65
and that made a difference. From 20Mb/s download to 40Mb/s download. 4G connection. That’s with the SIM in the slot. So I don’t think anybody is getting 80Mbs like you suggested. iPhone tethering is still 20Mb/s. I live 150 meters from the cellular tower, so that hopefully should be ideal. My expectation of a router is that its usually capable of passing through what it receives with a little bit of overhead. I think a note should be pinned to your websight mentioning the poor performance of this router. Then customers including me could then make a informed decision. Also tried this with another carrier and a Android phone, and very similar results. Android tethering was 40Mb/s as opposed the 20Mb/s on the iphone 12. Still not what you would expect from a sight that’s capable of 300Mb/s. I would be happy with 80Mb/s download speed but, I cant see this … doing that anytime.

But can you give the band info? You can get this info from the “Cell info”. Copy and paste the result.

Then consider doing lock band.

Some band has more bandwidth and some does not.

This was purchased as a travel router, it may connect to ten towers a day.
But is this what you are looking for ???
“type”: “servingcell”,
“state”: “NOCONN”,
“mode”: “FDD”,
“mcc”: “505”,
“mnc”: “01”,
“cellid”: “8BF312B”,
“pcid”: “476”,
“earfcn”: “100”,
“band”: “1”,
“ul_bandwidth”: “20M”,
“dl_bandwidth”: “20M”,
“tac”: “702F”,
“rsrp”: “-62”,
“rsrq”: “-8”,
“rssi”: “-33”,
“sinr”: “18”,
“srxlev”: “-”,
“rat”: “LTE”
“type”: “neighbourcell”,
“earfcn”: “100”,
“cellid|pcid”: “476”,
“rat”: “LTE”
“type”: “neighbourcell”,
“earfcn”: “100”,
“cellid|pcid”: “424”,
“rat”: “LTE”

Your iPhone is like cat20+ speeds with a more advanced modem while the Spitz is like cat6… there is no way you are going to get close to the throughput as what your iPhone receives. Best invest in a proper cellular 5g router and use it as a modem with a decent router.

yes this is the info I need.

I can see the signal is good and band 1 is fast band.

The last try is to change 2.4G wifi to channel 1 or just turn it off, only use 5G wifi. 2.4G wifi and LTE has some interference.

Can anybody recommend a travel router such as GL-X750V2 that can support faster speeds?