Spitz (GL-X750V2) snapshot firmware custom rules section?

Ok i have the Spitz (GL-X750V2) 4G LTE Smart Gateway on the stable firmware Version: 3.217 i can go to More Settings>Advanced>Luci>>Network>Firewall>Custom Rules. and there i can paste my iptables there and save and reboot and then everything is where it needs to be. I decided to try out the snapshot Version: 4.3.2 and it installed fine but tried to repeat the same process but could not find the Custom rules section. Was it removed? or moved? Any help would be great because i loved the new look and feel of it.

OpenWrt22.03 uses firewall4 (nftables), Custom Rules in luci have been removed, you can refer to this to add custom rules.

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ok thank you seems to be more complex but ill try to figure it out… ok so yea how do i start to go about doing this ??