Spitz not working

Pretty sure it’s either an issue with my router or my settings, I can’t get it to work with any sim, even my phone’s. Same error. I just get a generic “sim not registered”. Yellow dot, sometimes bars, sometimes nothing, Fetches carrier name (Verizon) but that’s about it. Changed the IMEI to be the same as my pixel (which I activated the sim under) Please help me if you’ve had a similar issue! Tried just about everything. I have a background in software not network engineering.

I’d suggest you try a different SIM. Verizon is difficult.

Although we have a lot of feedback that the users made it work with Verizon. But once something like your case happened, it is really difficult to deal with.

Can you please explain how do you repair the IMEI number step by step …I bought a glinet router and I couldn’t worked out with the sim card .please help