Spitz randomly disconnects and has trouble reconnecting

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m at a loss. This is my primary internet at my rural home. I’m using ATT and can get on this tower with about 25 mbps down and 10 up so when it stays connected it’s great. Here’s what it does. While its repeating this log over and over it shows connection to the tower and SIM card not registered.

Have you made sure your spitz identifies as the device that the sim was activated in?

Also a vpn is needed to prevent the port 80 issues everyone is having with att.

I’m not sure what you mean and what does the port 80 issue cause?

Edit: I believe the sim was activated in this modem. It’s using the true imei.

Port 80 issue stops flow of traffic on port 80. So http traffic is stopped. But, if your imei is flagged as a unapproved device then you’re breaking TOS and that will cause issues and potential service termination.

I dropped you a message. Pls check.