Spitz v2 No reconnect repeater mode

I have a Spitz v2 that I installed in the camper. The campsite offers a free (no password) WIFI hotspot, I connected the Spitz using repeater mode, it worked! I connected a small surveillance camera to the Spitz over wifi Spitz, because we’ve been home for a week and the camper is still at the campsite. The connection worked for 4 days and now I haven’t had a connection to the Spitz for 3 days? Shouldn’t the Spitz automatically reconnect if it has an interruption?

If you have turned on the “Remember” option when you repeat Wi-Fi, it will automatically reconnect.

Yes I activated that, see screenshot, but the wifi keeps dropping and not reconnecting! I always have to manually select the saved mesh! I thought it was wireguard and had deactivated it, but that’s not the cause either!

Can you export logs?

If you give me a guide how to do it!

Enter ssh root@ in a terminal to log in to the router via SSH, then enter the logread command.

I’m sorry, I’ve never done that, isn’t there another way to see the log? About the surface LUCI maybe?

It is not supported. If you don’t know how to export the logs, can you allow us to debug your device remotely?

yes please what do i have to do for it?