Spitz v2 with m.2 usb3 enclosure tether

I was wondering since the new Spitz ax is out now. Can i use a rm520 modem in an external enclosure and connect it to my old Spitz v2 an expect it to work with no problems with current firmware? Also, how fast would the speeds be? I’m in the US with TMobile as my provider. Would i have to upgrade the Spitz to another powerful router to get the speed benefits of the rm520? Anyone run a similar setup? Thanks in advance.

GL has released a new product GL-M2 5G Development Board for Customization
GL-M2 5G Development Board - GL.iNet (gl-inet.com)

for reference only, I’m using RM500U from Quectel with axt1800, found out that USB3 to Module reduce speed A LOT compare to Gigabit Ethernet, every time. I don’t know the lag of usb driver or other things cause this.

I’m talking about
~600Mbps@Gigabit RJ45

AFAIK, RM520 also support 1G/2.5G port, using on-module pcie link with realtek nic, with no other Soc needed, it may performance better&stable than RNDIS/Other usb protocal. e.g. Quectel Board QTMR0088MZ, than you can hook up your Spitz or other device with RJ45.


  1. My USB to m2 board have separate power, works OK on Windows, 600Mbps.
  2. Need use AT command with new firmware to enable ethernet support. I know some RM500Q QC test board does not support that.
  3. rm500u using unisoc can bridge USB and ethernet natively, so I can get internet on usb and rj45 at same time , but rm500q can’t. when you enable ethernet, no network on USB available at same time.
    haven’t try RM520, may check that with Quectel FAE before purchase :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reference. I’ll probably try getting one of those m.2 to rj45 enclosures and try that.