**Spitz VPN not permanent**

I have a problem with my Spitz v2. (3.203) I connect to my VPN server (creta) at home, that works for a few days, then I see on the admin page at VPN the Orange LED and NO INTERNET. Internet Kill is disabled for me! In order for me to be connected to the Internet again, I have to manually cancel the VPN and then reconnect that LED is green and I have Internet again! Currently I have a SIM card (simyo spain) active in the Spitz and have very good connection. Why does the VPN cancel and if it does, why doesn’t Spitz reconnect on its own

Are you using openvpn or wireguard? Do you use ddns or IP in the vpn config?

Can you try 3.211 beta6 GL.iNet download center

I use wireguard and as an endpoint the myfritz address, but i can try the New beta!

Yes. 3.211 solves bug related to wireguard.