*Spitz with Wireguard extreme slowly *

I have a Spitz X750 (mobile home) with Wireguard Client and on my Fritzbox (at home) a Creta as Wireguard Server! Now I’ve noticed that when I go online via the Spitz, the connection is extremely slow (screenshot)! On the other hand, if I go directly to the hotspot of the camping site and activate Wireguard on the end device (Samsung Tablet Android), it runs much faster (screenshot)! What’s wrong with the router???

What is the firmware verson of your X750?

Can you upgrade to 3.215 beta3?

What is the speed without Wireguard on X750?

Try to set a mtu, like 1428 on X750 after upgrade to 3.215beta3.

You would have to tell me how to do that. I don’t have that much of a clue! I did some speed tests and labeled them, maybe you can do something with them?

Here the Firmware and another Screenshots

Another test

I just did the update to beta… amazing now the speed is very fast without changing anything

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