Spitz X-3000 which antennas are 5G and LTE?

Of the 4 5G antennas (left, middle-left, middle-right, right) on the Spitz, which ones are used for 5G, which ones for LTE? Thanks

All four antennas are used for both LTE and 5G. Of course, the number of antennas used for a specific connection to a specific tower may vary from just 1 to all 4 depending on what type of carrier aggregation the tower supports.

Here’s the RM520N-GL module (i.e. the modem in the X3000) info - see the “Description” section: GitHub - 4IceG/RM520N-GL: Quectel RM520N-GL is 5G IoT module specially optimized for IoT/eMBB applications.

Here’s a screenshot from the link above. Note: ANT1 and ANT2 are the main and div antennas on the side of the X3000; ANT0 and ANT3 are the MIMO1 and MIMO2 antennas on the rear of the X3000.


If your underlying question is: Can I connect an external antenna with only two leads to the X3000? Then, the answer is yes. Connect them to the antennas labeled MAIN and DIV on your X3000. BUT, also leave the stock antennas conencted to MIMO1 and MIMO2. Note: you may experience some performance loss with that setup - so I suggest trying both and select the solution which works best in your current location.