Spitz X3000 seems very slow with Google Fi (t-mobile)

When I first set up this router I recall getting 200MBs (bits/s) but now it is slower than the 4g modem/router which normally clocks in at 15MBs. This has been consistent over several days/reboots/fiddling with TTL values (using Google Fi Data only SIM)


The forum won’t let me post more than one picture at a time…

Uhg. WiFi issue. Different computer, closer to router, 60+mbps (still not fabulous)

@larry did you have any trouble setting up the x3000 with google fi?

I’ve requested a data only sim via: Use Google Fi on tablets & data-only SIMs - Google Fi Wireless Help

Nope, plugged it in and a few minutes later was up and running 5G, four neighborhood cells and NSA 5G (whatever that is)

I’ve used Fi data sims in so many devices. Currently have one operating in an old as heck T-Mobile sync-up drive. The sync-up drive is so old that I needed micro to nano sim card adapter. The key is to activate them in a phone first. You can ignore the Fi app nagging you to activate the voice (I think) stuff.