Split Tunnel TV (wifi) and PC (ethernet)

I have a AX3000, and after some reading, believe I need to figure out how to split tunnel my connection.

I would like to be able provide a VPN connection (NordVPN) to my TV via wifi. At the same time, my PC does not have a wifi adapter so I am using the AX3000 to turn the wifi into an Ethernet connection (repeater?) so my PC has internet. I would like to have a non-VPN connection for my hard-wired Ethernet PC.

Is this possible to set up? From what I’ve seen online, I would have to know what apps or IP addresses in order to split tunnel the connection. I’m unsure if it’s too complicated or impossible to broadcast a VPN connection by wifi yet provide non-VPN connection via Ethernet at the same time.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Change the proxy mode to „per device“