Split tunneling on Beryl AX

Hi, is it possible to set split tunneling on the Beryl AX? I am using AdGuard Home and OpenVPN and I want the traffic of a website to go through the normal connection, without VPN, the traffic from YouTube in this case.

I’ve done some research but nothing is clear, I’d appreciate any detail, thank you.

You have to set the global proxy to - Policy Mode

Based on the target domain or IP.

In this mode, only traffic from specific websites defined by IP address or domain name will be routed through the VPN. Only one VPN client instance can be enabled.
Here you can enter an IP that does not pass or only passes through the tunnel.


Where can I change it? Can you describe me each step please? (I’m new using GL.iNet routers)

I think I got it, thank you, I will update if anything goes wrong