SQM flint setting and issue

I dont know much about SQM but reading a little bit i set the following (below attached) configuration on my flint trough lucy, however i have an issue. The setting is lost every time i reboot the flint. I mean, regardless the correct setup is ok in the interface, the speed is way higher than the set speed. it only will work again if i change any download or upload speed value, click save an apply and connection start to works as desired.

Other question. I realize the download and upload value to set are inverted. the value i set as upload works as my download speed limit and the value set as download works as upload. is this ok?

i want to limit the bandwith for my guest network for every device without having manually to limit each of them in the flint interface.

Add the approp. uci commands to LuCI → System → Startup → Local Startup.

SQM isn’t supported by GL.