SQM not working properly

Hello guys, some days ago I’ve bought an GL-AX1800 to use SQM to help lower my ping since I can’t get better internet, I’ve followed the main guide and trying different settings in advanceds, but whatever setting I have used, made the bufferbloat test worse than my original connection bufferbloat. I’m on a VDSL2 connection, this is my bufferbloat without SQM on :

My connection on speedtest fluctuates from 24-28 Mbps on DL and 6-6.6 Mbps on upload.

Any help will be appreciated since I really can’t figure what’s going on here :slight_smile:

Please refer to:

That should be also applicable to firmware 4.x
One user reported setting SQM successfully on GL-AX1800.

i test the sqm package in firmware 4.2.0 but the latency increases a little, i think that this package are not optimized by the flint hardware, maybe in a future kernel version

Theres a few things you could consider turning off. :slight_smile:

Turn off if on in luci:

network tab->firewall->software offloading
network tab->firewall->hardware offloading
network tab->interfaces->global network options tab->packet steering

^ these options are known to often conflict.

Then things get complicated with SQM:

Often you have to use a overhead and this overhead is often dependable to the protocol, vpn and even wireless, even if your isp connection is PPPoE or iPoE or something else if configurated as isp router.

Then also… 90% for the bandwith can work but often from my experiences you may want to drop it lower especially if you have bigger overheads you also have to compensate more, from what I have tested wireguard seem to work nice with a overhead of 92, but when i cascade I have to put it from 200mb/s almost under 60 mb/s for wifi.

Its difficult advanced and sometimes also confusing :+1:, the link @hansome posted is very usefull because triple isolate enables the effectiveness of cake even for other interfaces not eating to much bandwith from others.