Ssh vpn

I am newbie.
Have Router Brume.
Is possible connect to internet via SSH tunnel (router Brume + 4G modem Huawei e3372)?

this screenshot is on my mobile ussing app HTTP custom… and work perfect…


There isn’t tsuch function in the standard firmware, I think you shall install same package and configure it by yourself throug ssh.

you help me what package news to install?

I think it is sshtunnel, [OpenWrt Wiki] package: sshtunnel

Can anybody help me how to configure it out? i have installed the plugin but how to input the setting in it?

It should allow an SSH tunnel without installing the package above.

If you plan to access via. the internet you would need to open SSH to the WAN port. This can be done in the luci advanced settings under administration, if I recall correctly.

Then just create a normal SSH tunnel to your router WAN IP.

Opening Port 22 for SSH will cause a lot of automated attacks on your IP, it is better that you disable password authentication and enable certificate authentication only. If possible add additional countermeasures to SSH attacks, such as rate limiting and deny-listing (ie. fail2ban).

If any of this seems difficult, you may wish to focus on using the built-in VPN functions instead of SSH tunnelling, the GL-iNet VPN GUI is pretty easy to follow and does a lot of the difficult work for you.

previously i use wireguard, openvpn and shadowsocks, but my ISP have blocked them all, as for now the only working one (my friend told me) is ssh tunneling, is it possible to run it on the AR300M? so me and and my kid can use the internet with better speed?

What location is this?

I’m in Indonesia, i found tutorial by @rureka on his website about how to install Xderm ssh tunnel on AR300M, but… it’s not compatible with my AR300M-Lite because limitation on storage space, it need more than 2.2 MB empty space.

Can you use openwrt vanilla firmware for your purpose

I don’t know for sure for GL-AR300M-Shadow, but I think all routers have basically the same functions anyway.
You can find an old USB stick, mine is 512mb (!! very old) format it in EXT4, insert it into the USB router port, install firmware 3.203-701, if you haven’t already, and in luci you will see Mount Points, make / overlay with this USB stick and you will have all the space on this stick to install all the plugins you want.

On my AR750

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It’s free, wireguard, openvpn, ssh, squid, trojan go, etc… servers. It works for me, I’m in a very difficult internet country and it works fine for the moment ahahaha,

Thank you @David, it solved my problem, now i can use my old 256MB ufd to good use, i have installed xderm tunnel on AR300M-lite and run the command from putty.

You are welcome but keep in mind that this Post was for something else at the beginning.