Standalone file transfer to home NAS possible?

Thinking of getting a GL-AXT1800. My use case is I take a lot of photos and videos while on vacation. Each night, I copy the day’s files to a USB SSD drive. Is it possible to plug in the SSD to the router and transfer the files to my Synology back at home? Tailscale is running on the Synology. I see the Network Storage feature has a toggle to enable WAN access to SAMBA and WebDAV. Is this the way to do it – to have the Synology pull the files from the router’s SAMBA or WebDAV server? Does it work over Tailscale? FTP client? It’s been more than 10 years since I last played with OpenWRT…

Today, I’m doing this with a Windows Laptop running Tailscale, but I’d rather not keep the laptop powered and sitting in plain-sight on the hotel room desk during the day.

AXT1800 can provide normal samba and webdaV services, but I’m not very clear about Synology

Are the Samba/WebDAV servers accessible via Tailscale over WAN?

Not fond of opening anything up for WAN access to Samba. But you might set up rsync on the synology, port forward to the synology from your home router, and then do a rsync job on the travel router. Don’t have a synology myself.

I don’t wish to open anything up to WAN. I want to access the files on the GL router over Tailscale.

The router can run rsync jobs? Can it do so over Tailscale?

Is there a way for me to browse available plugins before actually getting the router in hand?

I guess Synology isn’t really relevant here unless someone knows something specifically about it that could help achieve what I’m asking.

The link I gave you was how to run the rsync service on your synology. I don’t see why it wouldn’t run over tailscale, although I do my site to site over wireguard and openvpn myself.

The packages are here: [OpenWrt Wiki] Packages

Also, for this you may not need something as powerful as the AXT. A lot depends on the speed of your connections first, and only then what hardware is needed to support that speed. You might even do a mango as proof of concept.

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