Starbucks wifi

AR 750S

Hey I’m sure this must be posted about but I couldn’t find it. I’m having trouble getting internet going at starbucks. I connect to the network just fine, I even connected from my phone’s mac address. My phone auto connects to their internet now and is accepted right away.

But even tho it says connected, I have no internet.

Please help

If the connection is fine, but no Internet, it usually caused by the main router.

Do you mean you cloned your phone’s MAC address?

Should there be a captive portal?

Check the guide to get the portal popped.

Starbucks WiFi here in the US does have a captive portal…

The portal does do a DNS Rebind, at least in my region…

You have to disable the DNS rebind protection and even then Chrome/Firefox might block the attempt to redirect because it will be expecting an ssl site.
I usually go to so that you get redirected to the captive portal.

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I disabled DNS rebind and tried connecting to a few different coffee shops that have a redirect…

I have never been able to get the redirect to pop for me tho and have issues connecting to them. Tried the SSL site also tried the guide above for getting the redirect to pop.

Still no success connecting to WiFi’s that require portal login. I’ve even tried connecting on my phone first to the network and then cloning my phones Mac and this method does not work either.

Any ideas for how to diagnose/fix this?

Should I try another firmware? I’m using 3.013

In general, if you can get the portal page and authentication success. It should work, unless the portal can’t access the Internet.

If it still can’t work, you can try it in your phone directly.

Clone MAC address should work. Never hear a case that Mac clone does not work.

Very strange.