Startup issue

Hello everyone,

I have the Beryl but connected to my ISP’s cable router that I can’t get rid of. That thing takes far longer to boot then the Beryl.

This leads to a problem because it tries to connect to Wireguard and gets stuck. It doesn’t get stuck if the other router is fully operational, at that point it connects just fine.

Can I slow down the Beryl’s boot by a few minutes & how to do so? I don’t like to fiddle with it first thing in the morning. It is a bit annoying.


Do you reboot both router every day?

Yes. And I stand by it.
Especially when I return to the office instead of working from home, both devices would be turned on & connected 24/7 while I only use them for like 4-5h a day.

I don’t have a method to let it boot slower.

Wireguard failed to connect maybe because of time is not update on the router. We will remove time sync from the vpn interface. Hope this can solve your issue as well

Hey alzhao

ah - you are working for GL iNet? Didn’t know.

However I don’t think it’s the clock. I bought a month of Mullvad and played arount with it a bit.

Mullvad works. It connects fine.

Checked their automatically wireguard profiles to find out if I made a mistake - but. No. My configs are fine. Just for another VPN and manually created.

But I am curious if an update would solve the problem an will wait. If it doesnt I’ll invest a hardware solution.


I think so. It should be able to solve using software.

All right, thank you!