Static IP won't work when openvpn is loaded, openvpn support says the AR750S-EXT Travel Router isn't accepting it for some reason

Setting up a static IP, but for whatever reason when I load the openvpn file to a the GLiNet vpnrouter it doesn’t load the static IP I set (which is not one reserved by the access server)

I’ve set up several of these at various locations so I can have a different static IP, and I’ve tried redoing it, and changing the IP to different numbers but none of the profiles will load the static IP I input.

openvpn said this after I provided them with my access server settings via the runshellscript.

“You Actually have correct settings. It seems that the problem lies on the GL inet modem that you have not accepting the Static IP settings we push…
In PFsense router. Theres an option to set the IP address manually, I dont know if thats also the case on you GLinet router”

Pics of router setting: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Can I do the Static IP Address Binding in the settings as a solution? It’s important for my function that the connected device always has the same IP address. If this works, why do people use a vpn in the first place?

Is there any settings in the ovpn? Or it is just a server push option?

just what you see in the pictures as far as me setting it.

I mean the content of the ovpn generated. Can you post?