Status of 3.201 snapshots and beta versions?

What is the status of the 3.201 snapshots and betas? In the directory:

There is a file with the name:

Pls do not use the firmwares in this folder until this file is removed.txt

Yet I have seen several posts recommending that people try out the beta, including this post from @alzhao

That tells the user that they can use the beta firmware, without any warnings about using this firmware.

So is the beta ready for general use? Why are there no posts from the GL iNet support team to the forum on the beta status, yet they have released two 3.201 beta versions on the firmware site? It is now March, OpenWrt End-of-Life (EOL) 18.06 last December, there are numerous security and other issues with the 3.105 firmware which is based on OpenWrt 18.06, and it seems that the GL iNet user base is stuck in a quagmire due to the lack of secure, fully functional router firmware. Please give us hope that we will soon get out of this quagmire and posts some information on the 3.201 firmware status.

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I know man, I thought the same thing… but i tried it anyway and it seems to work well (no obvious errors in logs or in practice with slate)

For me, on Mango and Beryl, for B1 and B2, these minor things:

  1. LuCI throws errors refreshing status; doesn’t appear to affect functioning.
  2. The package repos won’t download with signatures so opkg.conf needs to be edited.
  3. Some of the package repos error out.

On Beryl, sqm on B1 bricked the router, but not on B2.

Also, these betas are on 19.07.5, so two versions behind. From the changelog it looks like 19.07.7 offers an improvement.

Otherwise no complaints here, using it with adblock in repeater mode with both openvpn client and wireguard client.

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I noticed the same with the package repos… but packages install just fine.

The messages explains themselves. Do not use until you are asked to.

If I know the issues was fixed I will ask people to try. But until further noticed, it is not for people who have no back knowledge at all to try.

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@alzhoa, Interesting reply. You jump on @tobbse for not trying the snapshot in this post

Then you post a rude response when I ask about the status of the betas. You seem to want it both ways. Since you broke in firmware 3.105 that I rely on for a package I use and you are not going to fix the dnsmasq security bug in your current software, I am going to be testing the betas without asking for permission, with or without your help. Feel free to drop me as a customer.

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