X750 and last firmware 3.105 VPN Policy Connection reset and unstable

hi, I decided to upgrade the firmware of my x750 from version 3.104 to 3.105, to appreciate the new features including SMS forward etc., but immediately after the update, for the configuration I use it was not possible to work, everything works perfectly, except the VPN Policy.

With VPN Wireguard, I did various tests, with various VPNs, both commercial (Azire) and VPN that I personally configured on my VPS, but nothing the same problem:

After activating the Policies, the connection becomes unstable, and if I try to make SSH connections to the outside after a few seconds the famous “broken pipe” appears.
In the configuration of VPN Policy i have use one device can use the VPN, and rest use main adsl,

therefore, only one device must use the VPN and all the others do not, and to do this I added the MAC address in the list of devices that “can” use the VPN

At this point i try to downgrade and everything is back to normal, I even performed a total reset of the configuration, installing the firmware from recovery mode but nothing, I believe it is a BUG

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Recorded on file and try to find the reason.

I can’t because the connection must be 100% operational for business reasons, I wrote the post hoping that someone else has the same problem as me, I can only say that from the logs (logread -f) there is no evidence of the error connection

sorry, and thankyou very much for answer me.

The reason was found and problem fixed. Just need to wait a while and we will put the firmware fixed in snapshot.


Great support! thankyou so much

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Hello, we have news for me? the snapshot forlder is empty, i am ready for the ugrade i would like to use use nextDNS from the interface :slight_smile:

Sorry, pls give more time.

Hello Remember of me pleeeeesss :pleading_face:

Firmwares are on snapshot folder but need more time to test.

For me, this is also a big problem. Looking forward for the fix.

however, too much time has passed, honestly this makes me reflect on future purchases. I am disappointed

I don’t like what you have said frankly.

Sometimes faster and sometimes slower. If you know how dev is working you would understand it.
If you think the next release is in May, what if we can release faster? Will say good things?

Why we play for time. Don’t you see things is going and fixing? This problem was fixed in 3.201 snapshot and has been online for weeks.

Hi alzhao,

I have missed the snapshot. Therefore my post (which I now deleted) was too unfair.


Thanks for your understanding.

I don’t get it, I downloaded the firmware (openwrt-ar750s-3.105-0104.tar 15200K Last modified: Mon Jan 04 2021 02:56:03 GMT-0600) and it still has the same issue… If I use the internet on a device exempt from VPN that device loses internet after a few seconds. This doesn’t happen with 3.104 which is what I reverted to

The snapshot is here GL.iNet download center

compile on Feb 27

Very helpful… thank you