Status of flint 4.x firmware

Just bought a Flint and I was wondering what is the current advice on the firmware to use. I upgraded to the latest beta 4.x but reading more posts on the forum I am not sure that was a good idea.

What would you suggest from a newly router not yet configured? Stay on 3.x or upgrade? (I am especially looking at the improvements of vpn clients servers management)


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Per your need description above, 4.x is the way to go.

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4 works nice with one BIG exception compared to 3.214…
4 misses option for some IP to bypass vpn and go through plain internet :frowning:

It should be there. Only fixed a bug in 4.0.2.

Any 4.0.2 update? cheers

heelllooooooo :rofl: is anyone there with firmwareeeeeeeee

maybe I have to stalk and catch a wild firmware


what is the latest beta firmware in flint router? in this version the gl-qos and the sqm-qos is working and can be installed via luci? thanks