Status of GL-Inet wifi6 routers

Good day!

Long time happy costumer of GL-Inet products!

But… bought a GL-AXT1800, struggled for months with issues, kind of the product was sold while software was still in beta… ok a couple months ago it became usable and bought a spare one. Then figured out the proprietary drivers issue and the “we are stuck” with kernel 4…

Ok, when GL-MT3000 was released, I read it was running on kernel 5, great! … and now found out that not only this is running proprietary wifi drivers as well, nothing working about wifi in Luci admin…

These issues are nowhere mentioned on the product page and they definitely should!

@alzhao Would it be possible to have a timeline, plan about if/when we will get full support in the mainstream OpenWRT for these routers?

My choice about GL-Inet products has always been the ability to build custom OpenWRT images… now this is not the case anymore.

Also, for both wifi6 routers we kind of have to run latest snapshots hoping they will fix one of the many pending issue, it would be really nice and helpful to have changes log for the snapshots as well!

Thank you and keep up the hard work!

AXT1800 does has a 5.x kernel firmware in the community.

We will take some effort to verify 5.x kernel before push it to release.

Good news about MT3000 as well.


Does GL.iNet plan to move from the QSDK kernel to a newer community kernel when stable?
I mean firmware here.

Yes, as indicated in my previous post.

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Yes, did try that… had issues, mostly about speed IIRC but it’s a good start.

Thank you @alzhao, good news! Hopefully coming soon!

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