Step by step instructions for failover?

I have found bits and pieces of how to set up failover on LTE enabled GL products but can’t quite get it to work. I see references to mwan3, editing config files, but most are a little aged. I really don’t feel confident in what I’m trying to do.

There are references on several units that ‘failover is automatic’ but I’m not finding this to be the case. I have several Amarok, Spitz, MiFi and all behave pretty much the same as far as wifi and LTE are concerned.

In most cases the LTE is needed as a backup to the WiFi connection. If I’m reading correctly there should be some packages to install and then a config file to edit? Is that aged, is there a gui for priority? Am I even asking the right questions?

Intended result is to connect via WiFi if it is there and fall to LTE when it is not, then back to WiFi when it’s there again. The question has been answered partially in several places but I can’t seem to stitch them together. If it’s in the Doc’s I apologize as I was unable to find anything on failover config there.

Thanks in advance

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It would be even such a fantastic thing if the failover capabilities and settings are fully integrated into the UI to make these the dream routers combining all the best features that are out there. I am not technical at all when it comes to firmware but I cannot envisage this to be too difficult to implement seeing that the coding is all there although in fragmented places as you have rightly said but also as the hardware is also capable and flexible. I really hope this could be implemented at one point in the near future.

Repeater and LTE failover should be automatic.

But pls note, the device use “ping” to determine if Internet connection is active. If you network (mostly carrier) disables ping, it will be a problem.

You can install luci-app-mwan3 and you will have UI to configure failover.

The most important parameter is metric value. This value is available in /etc/config/network and /etc/config/mwan3. But the one in /etc/config/network will take the effect.

For repeater and LTE failover, does it matter which is connected ‘first?’

No. Which connect first does not matter.

Using Puli What I did was plug in my Modem into WAN, and then plug my router into LAN, the device automatically set up in what I thought was failover mode. I verified that traffic was going through my home ISP. I disconnected power to my modem and the device dropped down to Cellular as expected. After a few minutes, I then restored power to my ISP modem, however, traffic stayed on Cellular even if the device was rebooted. I had to remove ethernet cables and reboot them to get the device back to my home ISP. is there any instructions on how to properly setup the failover function

Two things to note:

  1. Your ISP allows ping. The router use ping to detect which connection is active.
  2. You didn’t set up vpn on the router. VPN does not failover to different connections before you reconnect.