Strange Entries in History Page

Hi, this morning when I open my “history” page of my goodcloud account I see this entries. I try to search in others topic for a solution but I found nothing about this. I’ve try to include a screenshot in this topic, to show the error, but I don’t think to succeeded. Can you help me? Thanks.


All Device log Operation log Others

  • 2023-09-09 09:43


  • 2023-09-09 02:25


  • 2023-09-09 02:24


It seems that it was accessed around 02:00 am by Windows edge and ssh using the same token then was ssh with a different token. weird. I would change some passwords and enable 2FA.

I posted about this earlier:

I’ve new messagges! The two factor login it isn’t a secure way for block possible problem of this kind?

Is this a issue? @clannad

I have no idea. The only reason that I started this topic it’s because I hoping that someone could tell me what those lines of code they are, who or what could have originated them, and if I should worry or not. :confused:

It just the log request the ssh session from GoodCloud,it is not user friendly and the log feature will be improve in the future version.

Thanks. (I’m sorry if I was late in replying to you. :blush: )