Strong Speeds, Slow Data? Spitz x750

Hi all,

I have the Spitz x750 (I believe its Version 2).

Its always worked great for us but recently we’re having major problems.

Speedtest shows 42.6 mbps Down / 16 mbps Up which I’m really happy with however I don’t feel like the performance we’re getting matches these speeds.

Apple TV streaming is constantly buffering or sometimes won’t even load.
MacBook Pro Safari web pages are taking a long time to load, particularly graphic heavy websites.

We’re roaming right now and the Spitz kept connecting to the wrong tower which was giving us speeds of less than 1mbps down. I read the forums and used the AT command: AT+QCFG="nwscanmode”,3,1

The router is now connecting to the preferred tower but as I said the performance is lacking.

Is there any settings I can change? Any advice?


Did you set TTL in the modem config? Try 65.

Can you try ping in your pc when connected to the router? e.g.

ping -t


If ping is not stable, you may have problems like what happened.