Struggling to upgrade Openwrt22.03.2

I’m struggling to upgrade Openwrt22.03.2 to my GL-B1300.

I refered Openwrt site([OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: GL.iNet GL-B1300), and operated following procedure.

  1. Installed newerst version of “stable” firmware by Uboot. (Ver.3.215)
  2. Downloaded “Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade” and installed by " LuCI→ Backup / Flash Firmware → “Flash new firmware image”
  3. Waited for an hour, but never finishes upgrading. (Cannot reconnect to Gl-B1300 wifi connection. It never appers.)

By the way, I successfully could upgrade when I installed “beta” firmware(4.1.0 release3), but it keeps show LuCI login page when I refresh the page. (Tried to access, but didn’t work…)

I know this is such a beginner question, since I’m new to this kind of wifi-router stuff, but very pleased if there are any solutions for this.
(And very sorry if my sentences are hard to read since I’m not a native english speaker…(I’m Japanese))

What happens if you connect with a cable to one of the lan ports and try to access

Openwrt by default does not activate wifi after installation. Might be the installation was successful however you do not see it yet as you’re not connected.

Why don’t you just upgrade via the uboot method described here: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs
The image file to do that, is available here:

That’s what I would do.

This is just browser cache. Clear Browser cache or use a private tab, new browser.