Stuck in setup: tethering GL-MT300N-V2 to Note4

I get to this step. My phone doesn’t have “Personal hotspot.” What am I missing?

For Android phone tethering, connect it to the USB port of the router then check Settings->Personal hotspot->Usb network sharing.

You need to Google and check how to enable “hotspot” in your phone.

Ok, got that. When I turn on hotspot it shuts off Wi-Fi which then ends connection with the minirouter. This prevents tethering section on minirouter from updating.

When you turn on your phone’s hotspot, it will broadcast its wifi and work as Internet source.

You will need to connect the mini router to your hotspot. When you do this, you need to use another computer, not your hotspot phone, because it is used not as wifi client.

There is nothing special here but you need to understand the way it works.

Depending on the language setting chosen on the mobile phone and the brand of phone, very often ‘hotspot’ only refers sharing internet over wifi. For iphones, they have everything under one ‘hotspot’ option but in Android this is not normally the case (in my experience).

In this case, you want to deactivate ‘hotspot’ so that you keep your WiFi connection to the router, and you want to look for ‘usb tethering’ or ‘wired tethering’ or ‘usb modem’ or ‘usb tethering’ or similar.

to OP: search your settings for “tethering” “modem” “usb” and you will find the right setting.

Thanks alzhao. That took care of it!

Thanks chromebook. I found it. It is under “Settings” then “More networks.” Packaging instructions as well as online instructions direct you to turn on mobile hotspot which bypasses the option to tether.

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