Sub-node not showing up under mesh clients

Hello everyone! Hoping for help. I have mesh setup with a master and a sub. All three lights are solid on both. However, in the admin panel under mesh all I see is the master under clients. The sub isn’t recognized. I can’t even direct connect with Ethernet to the sub. Help!

Seems the mesh is not built. Can you try set up again?

@Cornelious00 sounds like mesh not setup properly.

I’ve been mucking around with my B1300 mesh after moving into a new house and here’s what worked best for me FWIW (now running a 4 node mesh)

  1. Reset master node
  2. Connect master node via WAN port
  3. Setup master node to get a working internet connection
  4. Scan surrounding WiFi channels to find best channels to set both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz channels to
  5. Set the WiFi up on the master node to match appropriate channels as per 4 above
  6. Also pay attention to bandwidth (20,40,80) depending on environment
  7. Reset 1st slave node
  8. Place slave node near the master node
  9. Press the mesh button on the masternode until the second faster flash and release
  10. Press the mesh button on the slave node until the second faster flash and release
  11. Wait - this appears to take a completely random amount of time to get a proper mesh connection. Often more than the state 3-4 minutes above.
  12. You can go tto the master node @ and watch the status of the mesh ( doing browser refreshes) , you should eventually see wireless change to mesh on the LHS menu and you should see node 1 appear under the mesh on the mesh page. Wait until you get solid green on both nodes.
  13. Change the mesh name and password to what you want it to be on the mesh node on the master node
  14. If you have additional nodes, reset them, bring them close to the master node and slave node
  15. Repeat steps 9-12 above until you see node 2, node 3 etc and solid mesh lights
  16. Place the nodes where you want them
  17. Find the optimal position for the nodes so that all nodes show connecting to the mesh (solid led)

Note I have previously had issues where the slave nodes have a flashing mesh light however they still seem to work fine. Can check to see if your mesh status on the master node shows clients attached.

As I say, don’t know if tis helps but every little thing hopefully works towards a whole solution :slight_smile:

Thanks! I got it to work by just refreshing my dashboard over and over and resetting the slave. Probably gonna get a third! I actually followed your steps to do so w/o seeing this really! Thanks!

I think Step 14 is important right? I just bought a couple nodes to add to an existing mesh and they show solid pairing lights but won’t actually pair. I only had them close to the master not all of them close together.

Also is there a limit to the number of nodes? I have a 5 node mesh (1 base and 4 satellites) but wanted to add 2 more.

5 or 7 is too many nodes. 3 is recommended

@its1louder I got really paranoid and was unplugging my mesh nodes and bringing them onto the same table. Once I had the procedure down pat I don’t worry about it any more, I just leave my existing slaves in situ and mesh the master and the new slave. If I have an existing mesh, I’ll setup the new slave next to the master, check that the master and new node are solid paired and viewable in the master and then walk over and make sure the exisitng slave node mesh light is solid as well (3 nodes solid mesh light and viewable) and then proceed to the next node.

I assume you did the slave nodes one by one and not try pressing the mesh button on both slave nodes at the same time?

Other than that perhaps it’s the number of nodes as indicated by Alzaho?

Well I have been running with 5 nodes (base+4) for the better part of a year. Each one has wifi clients and 3 have wired clients. It seems to work except … I have too many brickwalls and tile floors in my house which are barriers to signal. I have 3 just on the ground floor to get around a central brick core. Then I have the base in a basement office and one more satellite in the master bedroom on the 3rd floor which has a lot of the core brick work shielding it.

Actually, I have 4 subnodes. I just looked and forgot I’d added a node for the garage to get my solar panels online. The 6 total mesh nodes seem to work fine together except if I place them too close to metal or brick walls which cause interferences.