Successful S2S connection without access to internal network

I have connected two Opal Routers, one in my office and the other in my home.
I have successfully configured GoodCloud and they have connected via S2S without errors.

My Opals are connected through the “Wan” port to a port on my residential Routers.

S2S works, but I have no access to my equipment between the two sites, I don’t know much about networking, I guess there is no communication between Wan and the internal network.

Have I connected my equipment correctly?


You need add your local network (such as to site to site.

Thanks, but when I add my network ( I get this warning:

I am not a good draftsman, I hope you understand this:

You need add LAN to S2S.
From this diagram, you should add

If you want to access the device on the wan side of the gateway, such as, you need to configure the firewall and routing rules manually in the router backend. It’s very complicated. I recommend that you put the device you want to access into the Opal’s LAN.

the network was already added by default.

My goal is to work at home as if I were in the office, maybe this is too much, but changing the network of the whole office system is not a viable option for now, besides I think that if I did this, the Opal would acquire the ip 192.168.8.x in WAN, and the problem would be the same, only with another IP. Please correct me if I am wrong, thanks.

can you direct me somewhere that explains the rules to add in the Firewall?

I believe the fact that your both WANs are is going to complicate / make things impossible. Can you move your home network to something else like

Thanks funfun

if I do this, the equipment from both sites will not meet,

Is your client connected under Opal or under the main router?

If it connected under Opal, you only need change any to other. Then add to S2S.
If it connected under main router, you need set route rule in you main router. such as you want access in “Home” from “Office”, you need add route rule in office main router.

It seems like you set up everything so that network adresses and masks on both sides match. This is NOT how you are supposed to do it. It is much much better if nothing matches, they are all different networks and it is easier if they also have different addresses / masks.

If your client connected under Opal, set your home network is
You can add to your Office’s Opal in S2S, and add to your Home’s Opal in S2S. Then you should can use the client access target in another network.

The Clients are connected under the main router, I just added the Opal to a free port on the router… :grin:

I’m going to try adding a route on the main router, I will not be able to do it immediately.

I will tell you later how it went,
thanks to all.