Successfully running OpenVPN server on my AR300M


Just want to share that I manage to install OpenVPN server on my AR300M. It’s working great.

Guide you can find here:

you don’t need openssh-sftp-server because you have already another ssh server installed. I start from section :Setup OpenVPN, because I already have dns. How to fix WIndows authentication you can find in comments.

I’m using this router at home and its working flawless! I didn’t have any freeze or some other issue. Wifi is great and this router manage my network and servers without any problem. This shoudn’t be declare only as trevel router!

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Please let us know what firmware and version you started with. Would you include your package list please.

Should we assume the WAN port is connected to your ISP?

Do you have any performance data to share?



I’m using 2.26 firmware. I will not include my package list I don’t see why needed. All is included inside guide.

WAN port is connected to my ISP router. I open ISP router DMZ host for AR300M. Performance that I manage to test is around 20Mbit download but maybe more because I didn’t have place to test it because my ISP speed is bottleneck.

@zicko, thanks very much for the information.

Actually except for openvpn-easy-rsa all other packages is installed already. so, just install openvpn-easy-rsa using opkg and try the reset.

Hello alzhao,


so first is needed to install easy-rsa with this?:

opkg install openvpn-easy-rsa


or it´s also necessay to install this other ones openvpn packages? (can find in the guide link you posted):

opkg install openvpn-openssl openvpn-easy-rsa luci-app-openvpn openssh-sftp-server


And then follow the guide link steps? …

The problem for me is that i encounter several problems in post steps, specially about creating certificate authority:
build-key-server c7
build-key-pkcs12 user1

root@GL-AR300M:/etc/ssl# build-ca
-ash: build-ca: not found

Hope you can post here other links where can find out what i´m doing wrong …






i found that had to do that from /usr/srbin/easyrsa


But still trying to complete all guide steps :slight_smile: