Suggestion for GL-AR300M16 etc... assign WiFi On/Off switch


I like to make a suggestion.

For now you can assign the switch on the side to Enable/Disable OpenVPN or WireGuard.

However it would be nice if we could assign the switch to turn On/Off the WiFi of the router.

For users who participate on Helium miners this would be a fantastic feature to have, we only need WiFi to setup the router and afterwards we don’t need it anymore.
Mostly the router would be located where WiFi is already available and it only interfere with the current WiFi signals in the area.

Just a thought.

In very eary versions, we have this function.

But this caused confusion to the usres so the switch is not used to turn on/off wifi.

You can just turn off wifi from the UI. You can do this from the wan, from vpn or Goodcloud, or using smartphone app.

When using your smartphone app you need to have WiFi on to connect to it.
So if I log into the router and do my thing and when I’m leaving I do turn the WiFi of in the UI of smartphone app then I would not be able anymore to connect to the router again when I need to do maintenance on a later date.

So no solution to that.

You can enable cloud control so that you do not need to open wifi.

This cloud control is this something GL.iNet hosts ?

I registered the GoodCloud and it works fantastic, thank you for the tip !

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