Just offering a suggestion to Gl iNet. I am using a Slate AX connected to an Rm520N-GL via usb. I would like to be able to see cellular network stats when connected, such as the output of AT+QNWINFO and AT+QCAINFO without having to manually run the commands. Have you seen GoldenOrb / Rooter software? I dont need every feature that software offers, but something more than what the slate currently provides would be nice. Also add support for MBIM mode when configuring the cellular connection.



This modem should has already been supported in 4.2.0 firmware. Can you check?

Yes, RM520N is already supported. I am just suggesting that these additional modem statistics be added to the web interface. And also MBIM mode support.

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@luochongjun pls have a check of this.


Hello, I have the same setup, Slate AX connected via USB to RM520N-GL. I can’t figure out how to get output from the AT commands. Can I accomplish this from a terminal screen? Also, if there is some software I can install that extracts the data and displays it that would be really nice to have as CornPop suggested. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate hearing about it.