Support - AR750S Constantly Dropping WiFi

I’m so close to throwing this router in the bin. All my devices are constantly dropping the connection for no reason. I don’t know how to troubleshoot it or post logs maybe someone can tell me how so I can figure out what is going on here. I upgraded from the latest v2 firmware to the beta v3 firmware and the problem persists. My configuration is simple just plain WISP with a VPN or WG. It happens every hour or two. Happens on all my devices. Incredibly frustrating.

Any troubleshooting steps to help get to the bottom of this?

Check to make sure your region and time are set correctly. I was traveling internationally and had set it to my location. When I returned home I had issues like you discussed. As soon as I set the correct location and time it worked much better.

It’s still happening, thanks for the tips though. Can someone provide me with noob friendly instructions how to diagnose this? How to retrieve logs if it will help?

Are you using the power adapter comes with the router? Make sure the power supply is good.

Then the next thing is WISP. If WISP doesn’t works good it will affect its own wifi. Do you have such a problem when using wire cable?

FWIW, I use my 750S (and the 750 before that) heavily when on the road (uploading files, streaming to at least one TV stick) and have days of uptime over tens of GBs of data without issue; I agree with making sure your power supply is up to the task (the CPU and the WiFi radios in the Slate are probably beefy enough that I’d use at least a 1.5A power supply).

I’ve done some testing on the AR750S and current draw is well under 1A, so i doubt it’s a power adapter problem.
Mine can’t hold the WISP connection and also drops client wireless connections (wireless appears to “reboot” constantly).

The latest test build, 3.006 1115, seems to have fixed these problems.