Support ticketing function is added

We just launched a ticket system so that some questions and inquiries can be better served.

For example:

  1. Order processing, shipping and product problems.

  2. Bugs found

  3. Other issues that you need an answer from us, the vendor


For general discussions, technical issues, please use the forum, which maybe free for everyone to join.


Good day!

I bought at GL-AR 150 net very and resorcarenes, its possibilities.
Beam connection mode speed, Wireless Internet access, upload/Download = 1.3 MB / s

AR 150 connection without, Load / unload = 4.5 MB / s

The AR150 reduces speed, it is a raw product. You should be ashamed, you didn’t specify it in the specification.

Additional USB adapter Wi Fi adapter does not correct the situation. I tried rt3072 and ar9271. The rate is even less.

The problem isn’t the drivers, it’s not the power. 5V 1.5 A

The problem is AR9331.

This is a similar problem:

Is it possible to exchange for GL-MT300N-P2?
or get a discount on your new GL-AR750 product?

I spent a lot of time testing your product. Please Provide real specifications.

I apologize for my English.

I replaced the AR-150 with the Peplink Pepwave Surf Soho and it’s been steady as a rock for the last month or so with all of my cellular devices.