Surfshark VPN

Anyone used Surfshark VPN with the GL-MV1000.

Yes. What is the issue?

Here is guide to use surfshark

First get the vpn connection username and password

Download surfshark vpn zip and upload to the router, as this guide

Input your correct surfshark username and password.

Then choose the vpn profiles to connect.


Hi many thanks that’s great, no issue just wondering which VPN to use I’m with cyberghost (contract ending soon) but it don’t work, I had a word with their technical and they did say it wasn’t compatible.
I will give surfshark ago.
Really appreciate your post, have a great day

How about try WireGuard, much faster than OpenVPN

I’m wondering the exact same thing. I would love to edit the config files for wireguard client to work with surf shark.

I found this, but it’s not meant for people who don’t have networking experience at all.

I have Surfshark i would also like to know a simple solution too your not alone.

I use Surfshark wireguard using yazdan script for the past 3 months. My line is 200/200 and i get about 130mbs from Glasgow server . It is very easy to use