Swapping WAN and LAN on Beryl AX

I’m looking to swap the LAN and WAN ports on the Beryl AX in order to use the 2.5G port for my NAS, and the 1G port for regular internet. I’ve tried to swap things around as suggested in: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlInet/comments/16ilhfh/beryl_ax3000_swap_lan_wan/
but can only manage to get the 2.5G WAN to switch to a LAN via the interface toggle. When I try to make the 1G LAN a WAN via LuCI interface, it fails to act as a WAN port.

This is important to me because I’d like to use the Beryl AX as a bridge/access point for my main router (ideally I’d like to only use the main router for it’s DSL-modem capabilities - and use the Beryl AX as the ‘actual’ router). Unfortunately when I try to use the 1GB LAN as a WAN, the GliNet interface says I need to be connected in the WAN port before using the Beryl AX as an access point.

Could you also create a button in the interface that makes the 1G LAN port a 1G WAN port, or just swaps the WAN/LAN ports? (I’ve tried manually setting eth1 to WAN in the LuCI settings in a few different configurations, but they didn’t work)

There is button on X3000 models (and may be others) that switch each Ethernet port to either LAN/WAN:

I don’t have those Ethernet 1 | Ethernet 2 tabs in my interface.
I only have the one button that does it for eth0 (Ethernet 1 - 2.5G port). I don’t have the option to change the eth1 LAN (Ethernet 2 - 1G port) to WAN.

I have a spitz AX and I’m looking for the same option, for the same reason. Similar I have the option that cryptothink8 mentioned to change WAN port to LAN, but otherwise can’t just swap their usage.

Maybe this is an option in luci? I’m almost positive I can make that change at the OS layer, but I’d like to use a supported method if available.

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Google is your friend :wink:

luci change wan to lan ethernet openwrt - Google Search

Try to find other ways to do it using ubus/uci from an SSH session.

Probably related:

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