Swarm mesh network with video streaming -- which hardware?


I am trying to model a mobile, swarm-like mesh network, using wearable routers, single board computers, smartphones and GoPro style cameras. The idea is to provide following services:

  1. Wifi network to run decentralised communications services (Tox, Briar, VOIP) between smartphone applications in the swarm.

  2. Selected nodes providing access to internet, via wif-fi, mobile broadband or other uplinks.

  3. Selected nodes providing servers (bootstrap servers for Tox, xmpp servers, voice/video chatrooms and video streaming storage).

  4. Selected nodes providing audio/video streaming, both via swarm-based and internet-based servers.

I assume that I would need fast routers, dual-band radio (cameras and smartphones use 2G, access points use 2G or 5G, swarm mesh could use 5G all way through), enough memory and processing power to set up necessary modules straight in the router. Power consumption is the bottleneck of course.

Which of available units would you recommend for this project?



Now most of our routers are just 2.4G brand. We are developing 5G routers and it will available later.

If 2.4G devices works for you, I think you can try AR300M which has good wifi performance. We tried BATMAN-ADV mesh and it works good. But I am not sure for your application, which has a lot of requirements in performance.

That’s fine, I can start with 2G and add 5G later.

Thank you.