Switch and access point in a Slate AX

I want to use my Slate AX to use as WiFi access point for my home, it will be connected to my ISP router.

In addition, I also would like to use the two free ports as LAN switching for other devices.

Would it be possible that such configuration could work?

Thank you very much!! :grinning::grinning:

if I understand you correctly, it is possible, but most of the manipulations for this will need to be done in the LUCI (openwrt) interface.

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Thank you very much for your answer, English it’s not my language… :sweat_smile:

I think that you have understood right: I want to use simultaneously the Slate AX as a WiFi access point (One port connected to my ISP router) and as a switch (With the other two free remaining ports)…

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My native language is also not English :wink:
I think this menu in the interface will help to use lan ports as a switch. You may also need to set up a firewall, depending on your scenario.

Thank you very much for the picture!! :smiley::smiley: I’ll check it when I arrive at this point, I’m still thinking about how to configure my LAN.
Regarding the firewall, for such task I trust in Sophos, the free home edition. I will run it as a VM on a mini pc with Proxmox.

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You should not have to change anything in LUCI.

Just use the Access Point mode in More Settings - Network mode. All LAN ports should be usable as default.


Hello, great news!! With this two solutions my doubt is resolved so I mark the thread as solved.

Thank you very much @agent_smith and @limbot for your help!! :grinning::grinning:

Best regards.