Anyone have any luck installing Syncthing on a GL-inet device? I have a Brume which I would like to run Syncthing on, but it’s not in the package list from gl-inet, maybe because firmware 3.104 is based on OpenWRT 19.07.0-rc1, and Syncthing wasn’t added to OpenWRT until after rc1??

I’m not sure what is the best way to proceed if I want to build it myself.

Wondering if I can just download & install from

Edit: I did indeed download this package and install it manually and it’s working great. It synced about 100GB of data to microSD in a small cluster overnight, maintaining a load avg of between 7 and 10 with occasional spikes higher when lots of small files were being synced. Total RAM usage for that much data in a cluster of 4 devices is about 375MB.

If you’re not using a Brume, note that you’ll likely need to download a different version of this package, assuming there is one which works for whatever device you’ve got.

Thanks for sharing. This is very useful.