Anyone have any luck installing Syncthing on a GL-inet device? I have a Brume which I would like to run Syncthing on, but it’s not in the package list from gl-inet, maybe because firmware 3.104 is based on OpenWRT 19.07.0-rc1, and Syncthing wasn’t added to OpenWRT until after rc1??

I’m not sure what is the best way to proceed if I want to build it myself.

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Wondering if I can just download & install from

Edit: I did indeed download this package and install it manually and it’s working great. It synced about 100GB of data to microSD in a small cluster overnight, maintaining a load avg of between 7 and 10 with occasional spikes higher when lots of small files were being synced. Total RAM usage for that much data in a cluster of 4 devices is about 375MB.

If you’re not using a Brume, note that you’ll likely need to download a different version of this package, assuming there is one which works for whatever device you’ve got.

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Thanks for sharing. This is very useful.

Still haven’t had a single problem with this setup so far. It’s a bit slow but that’s because I’m syncing to a microSD. And since Syncthing is really all about background sync anyway, the speed isn’t something which I even notice in day to day use.

Ha, I spoke too soon - firmware update to 3.105 made this package disappear and I had to reinstall it.

hello …any news on your syncthing set up ? been trying to install syncthing on my AXT 1800 but hitting road block every step of my way ;(

if you have done it or any insight pls kindly share :wink:

I haven’t run Syncthing on a GL-inet device in a while, but am planning to try it again soon… no promises on when, but if I get it running again I will post here


no rush ! pls do share your insight ! i have run out of option on axt 1800 ;( i m just plug in my usb ssd to my Pi and connected to my axt1800, to sync my works …ha

I haven’t done anything about this yet, but did check and see that Syncthing 1.19.x is in the OpenWRT 21.x package database at least:

Last time I tried and succeeded at this was a couple years ago, but at that point all I had to do was find a place to download the package for my architecture and install it. It may not still be so easy, but at one point, it was.

The only listed dependency is libc which is interesting. I believe Syncthing is written in Python, so if OpenWRT packages don’t work, maybe there’s a chance it can be made to work another way.

Wi-Fi 6 driver uses significant amount of memory per client, plan to leave 50% or enable swap.
Wi-Fi crash with Sycnthing and 4 clients ~290MB RAM with 7 stations.
It’s doing 18MB/s , not sure how fast it would be on 64bit community build yet in order to use ARM crypto extension. (storage does 100MB/s over FTP)

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Fixed by compiling and adding kmod-zram lz4 , cut RAM usage by half. (z-swap)

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For someone with CL but not compiler experience, can you tell us how you compiled/configured syncthing?

I run v1.18.2, Linux (32-bit ARM) on a Flint v1 (GL firmware 4…4.6-release1) configured with a CPU priority of 10 to not impact other processes. It was installed directly fr the GL repos/feeds. The attached USB3 drive does over 60MB/s write, raw.

2023-12-24 11:37:02 Single thread SHA256 performance is 16 MB/s using minio/sha256-simd (16 MB/s using crypto/sha256).
2023-12-24 11:37:03 Hashing performance is 14.92 MB/s