SynoNAS OpenVPN server and GL-MiFi Help!

Hi Guys,
Im very much a visual learner and as I go I have been documenting my setup.

Basically Im after some advice on static routing. As I assume that is what I require.
The PC located on the network cannot access anything on the far network. However All items on the network have reach down into 1.0

I have tried adding the following static route to the PC

route ADD MASK -p
(The is what is shown as the p-t-p gateway on the syno NAS for the tunnel)

However that is not working. Any suggestions?

Also see Syno NAS routing table
and PC routing table.
The only one I don’t have access to is the shitty ISP Router…maybe some work needs to be done here?


From my understanding you want to access the device behind the MiFi 192.168.3.x from your PC 192.168.1.x

This is not possible now as MiFi act as a firewall and blocks all incoming data. You have to check the firewall on MiFi other than firewall on other devices.

You can go to MiFi settings, go to Advanced settings (using root and your password), go network->firewall, then enable ACCEPT in WAN and forward.

Then have a try.

Hi Alzhao,

Sorry for delay, I have set all the adapters to “ACCEPT” and forward but still no luck. I Can only assume now that the PC still does not know how to route to that IP.

Any other suggestions?




I think both your PC and MiFi must connect to openvpn server, so they all have 192.168.2.x IP address. This way your PC can access MiFi by vpn ip.

And at MiFi, you need to do Port Forward at luci to foward all traffic to MiFi to MiFi’s LAN device. By this setting, you can’t type 192.168.3.x directly to

access the LAN side device.

It may be also possible to set static route and iptables at openvpn server and MiFi to accomplish direct IP access, but I don’t figure it out currently.