T-Mobile and 464XLAT

Looking for some insight in to getting CLAT properly setup on my X750. I have T-Mobile Home LTE service, and it’s been working fine with out CLAT setup on my end, but they made a local change on Friday, and IPV4 is no longer working.

I do I have the 464 ipk installed, but it looks like it might be looking for the wrong interface names, and I can’t see to find any information on setting up CLAT with GL.iNet firmware.


Asking developers to check and hope to work out a guide.

You can add under the /etc/config/network file, configure as follows,

config interface ‘wan6_4’
option proto ‘464xlat’
option ip6prefix ‘dd50:e735:b42d:1111::/96’

and then execute cmd: /etc/init.d/network restart
Option ip6prefix is just an example. This is the ipv6 prefix of a NAT64 server. It is usually provided by the operator. You can ask the operator.