T-Mobile Home Internet Sim and GL.iNet GL-X3000


I have a GL.iNet GL-X3000 and have it configured working as a repeater for wireless and also interfacing with a Verizon Sim Card.

Have purchased a T-Mobile Home Internet device and taken the Sim out am trying to use in it SIM Card Slot 2.

I Confirmed that the sim worked correctly in the router that came from T-Mobile.
Have tried the profile provided by GL.Net for T-Mobile.
Have tried putting in the APN T-Mobile Suggests.

Anyone else been able to make this work?

Really appreciate the help ahead of time


Keith Landers

Did you change the X3000 IMEI to be the same of the TMHI gateway?

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That worked - Thanks for the help!

Hello klandersnitrox,
If you can resume Internet access after changing the IMEI, it may be because the SIM card is bound to the IMEI of TMHI gateway, which restricts Internet access.

I’m considering getting the GL-X3000 for my T-Mobile home internet as well. How do I apply this setting? I found this in a Google search … run the IMEI update: AT+EGMR=1,7,“IMEI_NUMBER_HERE” I know how to find my IMEI number. I’m just not sure where to “run” this on the device. I have a Flint router at the moment, I know it’s obviously not going to work on the Flint router and the configuration page is probably different but i might be able to see at least where I could apply the setting.

You will run this command inside the “AT command”-window on your router.
It does not exist on the Flint - you will see it on the X3000

Awesome…thank you for the quick response. How about band locking. Is that possible?

Should be this, I guess?

Thanks again…Keith mentioned this …Have tried the profile provided by GL.Net for T-Mobile.
Have tried putting in the APN T-Mobile Suggests…would I need to change any APN settings or anything else to make this work?

Sorry, can’t assist with this issue since I don’t use T-Mobile. I would say that self-setup should be fine, but there are some TTL things you need to adjust when using T-Mobile Home.

This is possible via the modem GUI as well.

To get Tmobile Home Internet to work I had to go in and change the IMEI of the gateway to be the same as the TMobile provided Router.

Was not hard. Once changed rebooted the model and then it worked perfectly has has ever since


No TTL 66/65 magic - it just worked and the traffic is for the correct contract?

Once I set the profile to the one provided by GL-X3000 for T-Mobile and then changed the IMEI to the same and the Tmobile Home Router and then rebooted it worked perfectly


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Is the T-Mobile profile listed in the GUI of the modem?

In comparison to the modem provided by T-Mobile. How is the signal strength with the GL-X3000.

A Ton Better. And even better than that with an external Antenna.

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It is - it is under settings somewhere. It was confusing but found it. Not even sure that it is critical I just know setting the IMEI is

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Awesome thank you so much. That answered all my questions before purchasing one. I will be doing so soon. I hope it works well for me as well. What is your recommendation for an external antenna in case I need one?

Here are antennas recommended for your reference GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet

If you prefer other bands, you can refer to this tutorial to find the right antennas for X3000

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That is what they sent me - I am doing RV


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