T-Mobile SIM Card with Umlimited Data - Need a router to spread the signal


I have a T-Mobile SIM card with unlimited data that I am looking to connect to a wireless router. Not sure how to accomplish this but, does anyone have suggestions? My T-Mobile rep stated any router with dd-wrt should work. I tried an Asus router but, was unable to get the signal to show. Any ideas?

Do you only have a SIM card or have a modem as well?

If you only have SIM card, pls try GL-MiFi which has a modem built in. Please choose EC25-A model for the modem.

If you have a modem, it should works our mini router directly.

T-Mobile voice SIM card works well. I am using it on MIFI with the EC25-A card. It does however detect the traffic when it is from a laptop, then it will slow down the speed (considering tethering). See my another post about TTL to change the TTL to 64 for all traffic. Then No speed limit when you connect from laptops.