T-mobile throttling download -- any work arounds?

I am successfully using t-mobile sims on E-750 mudi devices
Even though I am forcing the TTL to be 65, I notice my download speed is being throttled by t-mobile with the EC25-AFFA modem. It is one-tenth the upload speed.

root@GL-E750-e1e-167:~/iperf-stuff# cat ipf.sh
echo “Please wait, speedtest running $1”; echo "Download: “$(iperf3 -c $1 -p 5201 -t 10 -R -P 10 -O 3 | grep “SUM” | grep “receiver” | awk '{ print $6” "$7}‘); echo "Upload: “$(iperf3 -c $1 -p 5201 -t 10 -P 10 -O 3 | grep “SUM” | grep “receiver” | awk '{ print $6” "$7}’)

iperf3 -c $1 --bidir -i 10

root@GL-E750-e1e-167:~/iperf-stuff# ./ipf.sh example.com
Please wait, speedtest running example.com
Download: 2.58 Mbits/sec
Upload: 23.5 Mbits/sec
Connecting to host nyc1.setlurs.com, port 5201
[ 5] local port 43290 connected to example.com port 5201
[ 7] local port 43292 connected to example.com port 5201
[ ID][Role] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr Cwnd
[ 5][TX-C] 0.00-10.07 sec 20.6 MBytes 17.2 Mbits/sec 392 415 KBytes
[ 7][RX-C] 0.00-10.07 sec 2.62 MBytes 2.18 Mbits/sec

[ ID][Role] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr
[ 5][TX-C] 0.00-10.07 sec 20.6 MBytes 17.2 Mbits/sec 392 sender
[ 5][TX-C] 0.00-10.24 sec 20.5 MBytes 16.8 Mbits/sec receiver
[ 7][RX-C] 0.00-10.07 sec 2.99 MBytes 2.49 Mbits/sec 127 sender
[ 7][RX-C] 0.00-10.24 sec 2.62 MBytes 2.15 Mbits/sec receiver

iperf Done.

Any other workarounds/suggestions to make the download speed comparable to the upload speed?

Thanks in advance

I’d like to add the same sim results in much faster download speeds when used in a phone/tablet for example. Something about the EC25-AFFA is causing t-mobile to detect and neuter the download the speed

Can you run a test on website speedtest.net from a PC or tablet connected to the GL-E750 via 5GHz wifi (i.e., not run test on the router itself)?

Also, run the same speedtest.net with SIM in phone, turn on hotspot on the phone, then connect a PC or tablet to the phone via 5GHz wifi?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Before introducing a new dimension of hot spot performance over 5GHz, I would first want to understand if other T-Mobile mudi users are getting good download speeds or if something about the ec25-a is detected by T-Mobile and wwan0 is treated like a 2nd class citizen whereas other tablets and phones are treated like 1st class citizens.

Can you post the signal info? You can get this from the web panel of Mudi.

Download and upload use different band actually.

Here is the info you requested i hope. i have see it use band 2 and band 4. It says the bandwidth is 15M on band 4 . I have see it uses 20M possibly at a different time on band 2.


For band 4, the uplink and downlink frequency is as following.

Download link frequency may be near wifi 2.4G so may be interfere with 2.4G.

So try this:

  1. Change wifi channel to 11 and try
  2. Turn off 2.4G wifi completely and try.