Tailscale Advertised Subnets access from DHCP Client

Hello everyone,

Just looking for some assistance here please. I have an AXT1800 Slate with an activated Tailscale Client which appears to be working correctly; i.e. I can ping the Tailscale 100.xxx.xxx.xxx network including all of the advertised subnets from the AXT1800 CLI however, from a connected Windows 10 Pro DHCP Client (Please Note, the Windows 10 PC is not running a Tailscale Client and Firewall is turned off), I cannot ping the 192.168.xxx.xxx Tailscale advertised subnets from the PC. I expected the same network visibility from the Windows 10 PC to the Tailscale network as the AXT1800 …

ip route show table 55 (AXT1800 CLI)
10.22.xxx.0/24 dev tailscale0
100.66.xxx.xxx dev tailscale0
100.68.xxx.xxx dev tailscale0
100.78.xxx.xxx dev tailscale0 dev tailscale0 dev tailscale0

Is there an additional route I need to add here? many thanks in advance!

Please refer to

Hi @yuxin.zou,
Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I have already entered the argument which has not resolved my issue; if you have any other suggestions, please let me know, thank you.

Did you restart tailscale after the modification?

Hi @yuxin.zou,
Yes, I have restarted several times with no change. There appears to be some sort or routing issue not handling DHCP connected clients correctly, thank you.

Please try to use the configuration file. The path is /usr/bin/gl_tailscale.
gl_tailscale.zip (1.2 KB)

Hi @yuxin.zou,
Thank you … I loaded the new gl_tailscale file in the /usr/bin folder and restarted the AXT1800. The 192.168.x.x subnets are now not visible at all via the AXT1800 CLI and DHCP connected Windows 10 workstation, thanks.

Hi joem,
Could you please execute the following commands in AXT1800? I want to check if there is an IP conflict in your router.
ip route
ip route show table local
ip route show table 55
iptables -nvL

Hi @fangzekun,
Are you able to provide you email address for me to send the information you require?, thank you.

Hi joem,
Please send the information to zekun.fang@gl-inet.com,thank you!

Hi @fangzekun,
Thanks for your email address, I have just emailed the details to you, thank you.