Tailscale App no longer running in AP mode

I upgraded my GL-AX1800 (Flint) to 4.4.6.
There is still the problem that tailscale app is not shown on the UI in AP mode.
But now it seems to be worse: tailscaled seems not started in AP mode (was functioning ok before 4.4.6). That’s what “tailscale status” seems to indicate.
Is it a known problem ?

It is not a problem.There are some problem with using tailscale in AP mode.So tailscale is disabled when changed to AP mode.

it’s too bad it has been disabled. Tailscale was working fine in AP mode before the 4.4.6 update (even if not showing in UI). Now it’s broken.
Please consider making Tailscale working again in AP mode, it is useful.

You can run sed -i '/if \[ "$sys_mode" != "router" \]; then/,/exit 0/d' /usr/bin/gl_tailscale to recover.